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Manhattan Shower Doors is a professional Glass design, fabrication, installation and repair company. We have decades of experience in providing homeowners with all phases of glass related services. We fully take pride in what we do because our team view glass the same way a painter would view a canvas; like art. Of course we specialize in providing standardized glass solutions but we love creating fully customized glass creations that you take full ownership in.

Since we don’t work with any middlemen, 100% of the responsibility for the quality of the final product rests on our shoulders and we like that. You can always count on us to provide you with the most precise, accurate glass fit for any usage in your home. We pay an enormous attention to detail and do so knowing full well that any slip-ups could result in a bad product. The last thing we want to do is to not impress you. First impressions are everything to us and your perception of our finished glass product is paramount.

Glass Repair, Replacement & Installation in Manhattan, NYC

At Manhattan Shower Doors, we are fully licensed, insured and experienced with all the knowledge necessary to complete any type of glass project we are fortunate enough to receive from you. Glass is a wonderful material. It’s something that can add luxury, polish, and transparency to your home. Try and imagine an old wooden dining table covered with a layer of beautiful glass as opposed to without it. Suddenly, the entire table has been re-invented or re-designed.

We specialize in the complete repair and replacement of glass throughout your home. If something custom made from a unique manufacturer has been broken, please don’t panic. Since we’re local and fabricate everything ourselves, we are elite masters when it comes to re-creating broken glass objects. Whether it’s shelving, blocks or a table top, we can help you. Any size, any width, any length, any height, custom cut to your heart’s desire. Our team are also specially trained to safely and properly install your new glass in the spot in which it was originally broken. Replacement of glass has never been so simple as it is with Manhattan Shower Doors.

Glass Table Tops

Most wooden table tops are not immune to food/beverage stains, scratches or other damage. However, a nice custom glass table top can alleviate all of those problems. It will not only provide the protection your beautiful furniture deserves, it will also add a to dimension of polish never seen before. We can custom cut and shape glass to match the exact dimensions of any table you have. No matter the size or type.

Glass Shelves

Our glass shelves are wonderful because they are fully neutral. Since they’re transparent, you can place them around any colors, in any room and they’ll blend right in. Having glass instead of wood or plastic will also allow a person to focus on the items on the shelving instead of the shelves themselves. The most important component in this setup are the objects that exist on those shelves. These might include books, clothing, accessories, kitchen utensils and much more. We couldn’t think of a better reason to let your objects shine.

Some examples of glass shelves we provide include:

  • Custom glass shelves
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • Bathroom glass shelves
  • Wall mounted glass shelves
  • Kitchen cabinet glass shelves
  • Bar glass shelves
  • Floating glass shelves

Glass Backsplashes

You know those beautiful custom tile backsplashes you may have in your kitchen or bathroom? It’s very annoying to clean the mildew and eliminate the grime off of grout lines. This very problem is what makes having a glass backsplash such an excellent solution. By encasing your tiled backsplash with a layer of beautiful glass, all you’ll have to worry about is cleaning the glass. You won’t have to sit there and stare at tiles that used to be elegantly beautiful which are starting to get dirty on a weekly basis. It’s amazing what kind of effect glass can have on any surface. We are specialized in fabricating any custom measurement, size or shape you need. We can even provide you with custom patterns for your glass backsplash in NYC including Frosted, Patterned, and Tinted tones.

Glass Partitions

If you’re looking to modernize your office or change it for the sake of a more transparent atmosphere, then glass partitions are the way to go. Whether you need them for a conference room, individual office spaces or one large single entrance, we can fully accommodate you. Weather has a direct effect on the morale of employees, imagine what kind of attitude everyone in your office might have on a sunny day with all of that transparency? We carry a wide selection of different glass tones, textures (for privacy), and much more.

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We are here to help you realize your customized elegant shower/bathtub enclosures, mirrors and glass. You can always count on us for the highest quality materials, diligent attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. 

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