“In-House” Antique Mirror Fabrication in Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan Shower Doors is proud to be your top source for “In-House” fabricated antique mirrors within New York City for residential and commercial establishments. We offer them in all cuts, shapes, sizes and a variety of different designs. The beauty here is that each antique mirror which is manufactured by us is designed purely for you. That means every single design we create is 100% unique. Our antique mirrors are offered with a completely free design consultation, high quality durability over time and a quick turn-around time.

Antique mirrors have a very unique appeal and look to them. They appear aged and distressed due to years of exposure to light or usage. While it may seem an odd design choice to some, when you’re able to see the beautiful, unique effect it emanates, you’ll fall in love with it’s decorative appeal. These antique mirrors are unlike anything out there. We take special pride in custom fabricating them ourselves because this is not a product or service that “anyone” can just do. We have learned quite a few things over the last three decades specializing in custom mirror projects. It’s gotten to the point now where fabricating antique mirrors is a process we have fun with and are skilled at. Most of the antique mirror providers you see online or advertising their products aren’t actually fabricating the products themselves. They purchase from another company and what you end up getting is a “mass-produced, non-unique” antique mirror. Why pay more money for something that you had no hand in designing? We offer a product locally that is 100% your own creation.

  • Kitchen Backsplash
  • Cabinet Inserts
  • Wet Bars
  • Restaurant Wall
  • Large wall mirrors in Lobby Area
  • Mirrored furniture
  • Table Tops

Antique Mirror Silvering & Restoration Services in Manhattan, NY

With age, a mirror will lose its reflectivity and shine. It’s our job to restore that mirror in a delicate manner and simply work to restore it’s luster and brilliance. We do this by a process known as “Silvering“.

In it’s most basic form, a mirror is simply a piece of glass with a silver coating protected by paint. The silver you see is not actually paint, but a the result of a chemical reaction that happens on the surface of the glass.

Our process begins by gently removing the glass from it’s antique frame. We’ll analyze the mirror and make sure this is even a possibility. The last thing we want to do is irreversible damage to your antique mirror. We’ll remove the glass, strip off all of the old paint and start cleaning as thoroughly as possible. From this point on, we’ll add a new coat of silver and wait for the desired results so that we can deliver it to you in peak appearance.

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Experience going back to 1985 in addition to being locally based. No Deposits down on any projects!

We are here to help you realize your customized elegant shower/bathtub enclosures, mirrors and glass. You can always count on us for the highest quality materials, diligent attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship. 

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